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Stock Pickins

Even during a financial downturn (or crisis) there are some great stock market opportunities just ripe for pickin! There are many methods, systems, philosophies and ideas when it comes to finding and evaluating stock picks. Read more

Cfd Trading

Once you have thoroughly read up on the theory and principles of CFD trading, the time has come to choose your platform and think about starting to trade. There are hundreds of trading platforms out there, each offering a wide range of different styles and features, so it may take you some time to find […] Read more

Israeli Stock Market Unravelled

Many have considered Israel as a relatively small capital raising source, and subsequently surprised by the ability of the Israeli venture capital firms. According to our research into our global venture capital industry, we have included Israel as one of the best 10 venture capital markets in the world, despite of its relatively small population. Read more

Stock Trading Computer Systems Myths And Facts

When you think of a team system with multiple monitors, you probably think they’re only for big business or high-powered gamers. Actually, this type of system is perfect for many computer users, but especially for stock traders. A trading computer should be reliable and advanced, of course. However you may wonder, why would a multi-monitor Read more

About Stock Markets Around The World

A recent acquisition by Royal Philips Electronics (headquartered in the Netherlands) of Color Kinetics, trading on the NASDAQ as CLRK is a great example. Color Kinetics was a ten-year-old company that produced environmentally friendly lighting through its enhancement of the LED (light-emitting-diode) technology to create a new kind of Read more

Trending Online Broker Comparison

Getting Online Car Insurance in Australia is nowhere near what it’s like in the UK and US markets. Over there you have all the major insurance companies and underwriters allowing online aggregators to act like a broker between them and consumer. But where are the car insurance comparison websites in Australia? Currently they only offer Read more

A Real-world Discussion About S&p Futures Trading

Big names have suffered double-digit losses, and with markets gyrating up and down and uncertainty everywhere, quantitative funds. These use computer models to trade in and outside of stocks, bonds and other instruments, have been especially hard hit. Except Renaissance Technologies, whose $6 billion Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund is up Read more

Investigating Top Penny Stocks To Watch

Folk who need to invest their money in the share market but do not dare to adopt the correct steps, owing to their limited capital, have a grand chance to buy penny stocks and make their cash double or even more. Risk is concerned in purchasing these varieties of stocks, there is, however, a risk […] Read more